Now, a new anthology from Viz, Venus in the Blind Spot, collects many of Ito’s best-known short stories, including “Amigara Fault,” and offers a … When I heard that a collection of his short stories was being released, I was anxious to read more of Ito’s macabre stories. Venus in the Blind Spot 272. by Junji Ito. “Venus in the Blind Spot,” the titular story, is more of a science fiction tale, but the horror angle also shows itself here. Hardcover $ 19.99 $22.99 Save 13% Current price is $19.99, Original price is $22.99. NOOK Book. “Master Umezz and Me” is an autobiographical story of how Ito became enthralled with horror master Kazuo Umezz’s work, including Cat-Eyed Boy and The Drifting Classroom. Venus in the Blind Spot. Some of them are his more infamous on shots like the Human Chair , which is a Ramp Edogawa story, and his The Enigma of the Amigara Fault story featuring an area of land where human shaped holes are drawing people into them. $19.99. #tierlist #ranking #junjiitoTier list ranking of Junji Ito's manga Venus In The Blind Spot. Billions alone -- The human chair / original story by Edogawa Ranpo -- An unearthly love / original story by Edogawa Ranpo -- Venus in the blind spot -- The licking woman -- Master Umezz and me -- How love came to Professor Kirida / original story by Robert Hichens -- The enigma of Amigara Fault -- The sad tale of the Principal Post -- Keepsake. ¨é›† BEST OF BEST) English Publication: VIZ - Venus in the Blind Spot You Save 13%. Venus in the Blind Spot is a “best of” collection of creepy tales from the Eisner award-winning mangaka. Hardcover. Venus in the Blind Spot is the latest collection of horror stories by manga artist and writer Junji Ito to be published in English by VIZ media. Master Umezz and Me, a lighthearted autobiographical tale about meeting his idol, the horror manga icon, Kazue Umezz. Story & Art: Junji Ito Translation & Adaptation: Jocelyne Allen and Yuji Oniki (“The Enigma of Amigara Fault” and “The Sad Tale of the Principal Post”) Touch-Up Art & Lettering: Eric Erbes Original Cover Design: Keisuke Minohara Cover & Graphic Design: Adam Grano Editor: Masumi Washington Publisher: VIZ Media Junji Ito is, perhaps, a creator who … Venus in the Blind Spot is a collection of ten, short horror stories from the man himself. Marketed as a “best of” collection of stories by the author, there is a common thread throughout each of them related to compulsions and/or utter fixation. Some stories are Venus in the Blind Spot, a science fiction style story about a girl that suddenly can’t be seen by her crazed admirers. Venus in the Blind Spot Having recently read Uzumaki: Spiral Into Horror , a classic in manga body horror, I was impressed by the author and illustrator Junji Ito.