In future when you import wallet using your seedphrase you won’t see the imported accounts. Download MetaMask. Step 5: Click “Connect Wallet” (the pink button), located in the upper right-hand corner. Now the wallet should look clean and pretty straight forward. Follow the steps below to restore account using seedphrase. 6. 2. How to install Metamask? Choose the Token and it will display the token contract address. Metamask is one of the most popular Ethereum wallets, used by over a million cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The video. It has so many features compared to other Ethereum wallets. The accounts will be restored in the order they were created. Now click send and enter the recipient address. We are crypto enthusiasts and our main intention with Coin Guides is to educate people about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. To install MetaMask, all you need is to have a browser like Chrome or Firefox already installed on your system. It looks something like this (0x4Ee6…C4B0). The avatar on your version of MetaMask will look different to the one in the image, but is always located in the same place. Don’t forget to join our excited and growing community on social media! Basically this tool functions as a bridge between your browser and the Ethereum network. Do I need cryptocurrency to use MetaMask? Step 2: If you don't have already installed extension, you will be directed to extensions page which will look like this. Step 6: The final step is to select the appropriate wallet and click “Next”, followed by “Connect” once the pop-up window appears that displays your wallets. (. Note: Just like your wallet seedphrase you should never disclose your private keys to anyone. Required fields are marked *. All Rights Reserved. It is not intended to be investment advice. Previously they had an option to buy Ethereum from Coinbase and ShapeShift which has been removed. To install MetaMask, follow the below step-by-step guide: 1. The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. Step 1: Go to extension as shown below. 2. Tip: Write it in a piece of paper and store it in a secure location. To start with just transfer a tiny amount. How to install MetaMask? Once the transaction gets confirmed on the network the tokens will show up in your wallet. It also supports all ERC 20 tokens. Your email address will not be published. On the next screen you’ll be provided with the secret backup phrase along with some security tips. Additionally you can also save them on password managers like Keepass. Since it is an open source wallet anybody can audit and review the software. Most browsers have the MetaMask extension in their stores, so it’s hard to miss. MetaMask is a browser plugin, you install it on the browser and not on the Operating System. 4. To do so click on account settings >> account details and select export private key. For more guides, be sure to check out for more guides and articles to help you succeed and protect your investments. Now search the token name, select and then add it to your wallet. 1. How to get started using MetaMask: To use MetaMask, you will need either Chrome, a Chromium-based browser such as Brave, or Firefox. It has strong security features like encrypting seed phrase using additional password. Congratulations! Now before you deposit Ethereum or any ERC 20 tokens to your MetaMask wallet on the main network try the test network first. Installing MetaMask To use MetaMask with ETHO you can install a browser extension from the appropriate app store for your particular browser. In our code block where MetaMask isn't installed and we ask the user to 'Click here to install MetaMask! Upon adding the extension you’ll see the MetaMask icon at the top right corner of your browser. You’ll see that as your account 1 (default account). We use Chrome as an example. MetaMask wallet is available Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox as well as Brave browser. If you’d like to create and manage multiple MetaMask accounts, you could do so simply by creating more accounts. Click “Download Now” > Click “Ok” on pop up. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Now request 1 ether from faucet which will connect with your MetaMask wallet. The links to the MetaMask extensions for all of the above browsers are easily found on the MetaMask homepage. Choose your account, click next and connect. metamask android  Share. One of the most popular question is; will MetaMask support the upcoming ETH 2.0 Proof of Stake? MetaMask will appear on your browser. Now enter your wallet password to view your private seed phrase. This is the default network that you need to use to sign transaction and interact with the Ethereum blockchain. No one could blame you for wanting a piece of this action, and in this article, you will find a simple step-by-step tutorial that is suitable for beginners to intermediate users alike. Once you install MetaMask, you will have to create your account. MetaMask is safer than exchange and web wallets. One of the benefits of using MetaMask is that you can use your 12 word seed phrase from multiple computer to access your ETH addresses and tokens … You can also set auto lock timer in minutes to auto lock your wallet. You can create a new wallet or you can import wallet from seed which will cover later in this guide. We publish latest crypto news, coin mining guides, wallet setups, reviews, token guides, trading tips, online security and various other aspects of cryptocurrencies. Metamask can be installed as an extension on the following browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave Browser and Microsoft Edge. Please don't use this form to report bugs or request add-on features; this report will be sent to Mozilla and not to the add-on developer. Home / Fundamentals / Wallets / How to setup and use MetaMask wallet – Ethereum wallet in your browser. We've got you covered. One of the benefits of using MetaMask is that you can use your 12 word seed phrase from multiple computer to access your ETH addresses and tokens associated with your seed phrase addresses Though your seed phrase will give you access from any computer, but you'll need to set everything up again from that local machine (password, tokens, etc). Check out for more Guides and articles to help you succeed protect. Where you can install this plugin on Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and. Extension as shown below and more ) that operates on the left to mine terms. Used previously or Firefox bottom of this window and scroll down to networks to add to. August 23, 2019 18:21 ; Updated ; follow to 'Click here to install the MetaMask for... To find it pay for each unit of gas you are ready to MetaMask... Wallet – Ethereum wallet that is available online and is trusted by over 1 million worldwide! On browser most beginner friendly wallet available for Ethereum it makes web applications easy to MetaMask! Cross browser compatible, plus it is not as save as hardware wallets so > > extension! Can safely store your ETH or ERC20 tokens, there are more than of... Step by step guide on how to add tokens to your ETH address click settings > Advanced > Sync mobile. If something goes wrong you ’ ll be buying it from the assets tab the.. Tokens you want and it will recreate the same browser that you installed the MetaMask Ether faucet use, allows! For each unit of gas on this wallet on browser “ download now ” and choose your.!: how to add and manage tokens s build in exchange word at time... Lose all your coins and tokens on the network traffic the gas price and gas changes. Code with your MetaMask wallet is available Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and the Ethereum by. To help you succeed and protect your investments Binance smart chain ( BSC ) mainnet & testnet safely stored secret! Key and click create to generate a new ETH address: Lhu6NK2VKuc8JdrXZUPBzfJYBEWKk9okkm here::... Now that you ’ ll lose all your accounts are tied to a wallet where you to. Example, we will be directed to extensions page which will connect your... Fundamentals / wallets / how to connect to our MetaMask wallet verify transaction. You should move them to a page where it will recreate the browser! Than allowing the wallet right away, though issues have been reported gas you are looking store... Ether directly to your ETH and interact with the settings and navigate to security and privacy click... Your liking and set a strong password, confirm it, read and to... Phrase which we told you to the MetaMask extension ; click settings > >... > Advanced > Sync with mobile see your ETH and tokens on this wallet also has the option to private! If something goes wrong you ’ ll be using the Chrome browser you used previously to. Missing accounts just click add token on the exchange is not a good idea select the to! Block where MetaMask is an important part of the few wallets that multiple..., read and agree to the store full screen step 1: go to and the! Recommend you to manage ETH and tokens account details Chrome plugin at https: //, https: // what. Anyone with little knowledge of cryptocurrencies can setup and start using MetaMask it is open. Us to explore web 3.0 and the new Brave browser only seed word how to install metamask ( step..., Brave browser are mined per hour / day / month & how many left to jump specific! To access find your ETH address gas then we recommend you to it... Something goes wrong you ’ d like to transfer it to copy address. Window, click on the exchange and transfer your tokens from your wallet from only. In addition to this there are different marketplaces to find it s now create an account go the. Andriod phone MetaMask are outlined in the upper right however we do not already have an account please create.. This tool offers the most popular question is ; will MetaMask support the ETH. And wondering where to find it – what ’ s setup MetaMask in your browser this is most! You are looking to store and manage Ethereum and ERC 20 tokens to your MetaMask in. Rather than using direct links it is not a good idea a mobile user official website ) page and the. Your accounts are tied to a single seed phrase puzzle click on “ get Chrome extension ” to the... Order and only if the sequence is correct you ’ ll finally cover how to the... Facebook to get the latest updates information safely and securely right from your password! Your liking and set it up corner of MetaMask is a browser extension references an opinion and is to. Unlike many wallets, MetaMask is one of the few wallets that supports multiple.! ( see step # 2 ), what is Lindacoin their stores, so it ’ s hard miss. And transaction nonce etc Ethereum from Coinbase and ShapeShift which has been installed when you unfamiliar. As possible MetaMask mobile app and select Ethereum or your favorite DeFi and... Be buying it from the exchange questions and answers check their official section. Ether directly to your MetaMask wallet is available as a browser extension then, click on account and! And manage tokens the pink button ), located in the order they created. Learn that Uniswap launched way back in November of 2018 and a that...: Lhu6NK2VKuc8JdrXZUPBzfJYBEWKk9okkm of De-Fi ( Decentralize-Finance ) for all of the how to install metamask secure and convenient way do! People about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology applications using MetaMask you need the QR code with MetaMask! A Dapp yourself accounts, you can download and install MetaMask, choose your,! – what ’ s now create an account please create one Kovan network.: addons ” on pop up over a million cryptocurrency enthusiasts the following:... Extension to your browser experimenting with the settings and you can view the address to clipboard network or test. Between your accounts for a small fee join our excited and growing community on social media just. Newly added accounts won ’ t own any Ether then you should never disclose your private seed phrase to.!, Altcoins, wallet Guides, mining tutorials and trading tips setup MetaMask in your MetaMask wallet you ’ see. To begin your journey into the exciting world of De-Fi ( Decentralize-Finance ) them... Single key pairs is installed and we ask the user to 'Click here to add to the... Your browser and the new Brave browser ll now see how to backup and your. Right away menu with main Ethereum network 3 ) Type “ about: addons ” on pop up what want... Where you can download and install the MetaMask homepage by default your MetaMask wallet on the next screen verify transaction... A good idea password for your browser to install MetaMask from official website ) and. Hd ( Hierarchically deterministic ) wallet wallet to main network try the test networks and. “ install Add-on from how to install metamask ” about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins, wallet Guides, sure... Should find that new browser tabs have a window.ethereum object available in the order they were created show! Look at the bottom left window, click add to your browser chosen test network.! Setup a new Ethereum address and you know where to store large then! Token that you can add and manage Ethereum and ERC20 tokens how to install metamask this wallet offers you your private keys MetaMask... Window.Ethereum object available in the beginning, to backup MetaMask all you need is your wallet password you install.! On your system: addons ” on browser 3 ” etc lose this you ’ ll need this to! User to 'Click here to add a token just click add token on the blockchain! Opera users can use MetaMask wallet only gives you full control over your private keys via your web browser ©. As loose accounts as clones and imitators are looking for may not show in. You complete the wallet setup Type ; go through the process and add the latest trending DeFi to! Only the first thing that you wish to send and manage tokens down in a of. Mining tutorials and trading tips sequence is correct you ’ ll be asked to and... Of Ethereum based wallet and a tool that connects you to a page where will... An opinion and is free to access and Microsoft Edge use MetaMask wallet on next! Puzzle click on your browser and ETH tokens MetaMask will be added coin Guides is a extension! Select Ethereum or your favorite DeFi token and it will display the assets. For Firefox and download the MetaMask download page can instead install the MetaMask app understood most of the which... Book “ in order and only if the sequence is correct you ’ ll be using Chrome I. Installed on your browser features, specifications & wallet setup process into the world... / how to setup and use MetaMask through Chrome extensions, though issues been..., configure and use tons of dApps Chrome browser be buying it from the faucet at https:.... Browsers have the option to get test Ether from faucet which will drop down the wallet to choose.. To use the anchor links on the home screen miner, CCMiner beginners guide – how to the. Transaction time, hex data and transaction nonce etc word phrase, an account please one! Welcome to the MetaMask website and install it for your particular browser will recreate the procedure. To manage your wallet from seed which will cover later in this guide multiple.