), she went to school with me (Woah) Heard you're playin' for keeps, I bought her a Patek Philipe (Woah) Heard you're payin' for cheap, I spent like 30K each (Woah) I like wearin' off-white but I'm black, it's cool with me (Woah) Don't say that she a thot (How you know? Uh, do not sleep on me, better get a Snookie (Woah) Uh, my ice is TLC, man that bitch was chilly (Woah) Uh, “bang bang bang” like the clip do (Woah) I’ll be sellin like the jists do (Woah) She wan’ play with karma when it come back to you Damn, flip a bean like (Woah) Aye, hit that Woah like … Rain) (goin' drip drop drip drop) And like the risin' tides love is growin' stronger (ooooo) Let's ride out the storm just a little bit longer yeah (ooooo) Listen to the rain Download the app to get started. Your love like a drug, this shit got me so high My feelings too strong, put my pride to the side I be thinking 'bout too much, I hope I don't die Got family who need me, we gotta survive New bag on bag, I got it Want me in your city, send me your deposit They talkin', all they do is gossip But that's the main reason I don't fuck with nobody Gimme lips, rock band like KISS, uh Remember days, me and X hittin' licks Guantanamera, we hit a lick on your bitch I'm a Goodfella, Maison Margiela my kick, uh I am faucet failure, my nigga, I got drip, uh Ashin' on your bitch, this that Pokémon trainer shit, uh Who's this? Everybody Loves An Outlaw - 'I See Red' This song was used in an explicit scene in 365 DNI (365 Days) and it's inspired a ton of NSFW and suggestive TikToks. I like your Skechers, You like me my Gucci shoes, I’ll buy you that purse, only if you show me your boobs. You like me my Gucci shoes lyrics. "Pitter Patter" lyrics. Gobble me, swallow me Drip down inside of me Lyrics Tik Tok - Poundz 【Verse】 She like the way man move The way man lean, the way man rock (Uh-huh) I like the way gyal wine The way gyal tick, the way gyal tock (Bruck it up) ... Now I got her swimmin' in my drip like taps Shorty wanna fuck for the Birkin Twerk that arse, let me throw some racks I like the way gyal tick, gyal tock Coño, coño, coño, coño (Got me sayin' coño) Right, left, drip, splash. Baby, come show me them tactics Baby, come show me them tactics Active, nothin' like me, they're catfish Man grabbed it, man slapped it Got the dotty in the ride, no acting Can't talk about skengs in a four-door truck Man pull up on volts, it's a mad ting Ride and pull up and squeeze Hands on the mash, they don't know about me 1 min read Gobble Me Swallow Me Drip Down Inside Of Me Tiktok Song Lyrics. TikTok - trends start here. Main song words are Gobble me, swallow me drip … On a device or on the web, viewers can watch and discover millions of personalized short videos. Kenndog - 'Drip Like Me' The "I'm sorry for drippin', but drip is what I do" song took off amongst TikTokers showing off their outfits. I like your Skecher, You like me too Bring your friends, all of us in the pool Bad lil bich, all my drip make her drool, Brand new whip, come and sit in the coupe. Tie me up like I’m a surprise Let’s role play, I wear a disguise I want you to park that big Mack Truck Right in this little garage Make it cream, make me scream Out in public, make a scene I don’t cook, I don’t clean But let me tell you how I got this ring. I'll buy you the purse, only if you show me your boobs I like your Skechers, you like me too Bring your friends, all of us in the pool Bad lil' bitch, all my drip make her drool Feb 28, 2020 - (Lyrics) Skechers - DripReport | lyric tiktok | I like your Skechers, You like me my Gucci shoes - YouTube