o.0 FOr fans of this type of scent it is good but it isn't for me. Smells like grape juice. This scent is just too much in my opinion. But this one is absolutely awful. Buy it online BIG SALE on or Many items for sale on, Perfume rating All the guys I've asked didn't like this one, and neither do I, unfortunately. While that might sound demeaning, it only serves to delineate what I find most fascinating about this beautiful & utterly feminine scent. Aug 14, 2020 - Perfume, Body Lotion, Lip Gloss, Towel, Flip Flops,etc. It smells very juicy. Didn't realize this perfume offended to many people ;) I enjoy it, wear it on occasion.. Pretty much everyone has smelled it, or even owned it at one point, haha. There have been many comparisons to the smell as "Fruit punch", and in a way, it is. I kept catching delightful whiffs of sweet baked goods with fruit and vanilla. Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. I mean, come on! 5 with I absolutely hate this. Almost every girl in high school wore VS Love Spell. I don't know what it is, but it's really unpleasant. It's one of my favourite VS scents from the Secret Garden line alongside with Sheer Love,Pure Seduction and Secret Charm. See more ideas about Victoria secret perfume, Secret perfumes, Perfume. Perfumes: 63080 I decided to try it again at the semi-annual sale today since it has been a while since I smelled it. The fragrance is really unique and I haven’t come across anything that smells like this. Light woodsy perfume on me (smells like pencil shave somehow). It smells good and is a day scent one of the most popular Victorias Secret scents by far, and although they make an EDP of it, it's mostly popular as a body spray. I call this one “migraine in a bottle”. And girls and women, especially in my high school never do they SPRAY this on, they fill up a bathtub with it and soak and then go out. I'm a peach lover but this is not a pretty peach fragrance! You can also smell the apple somewhere in the explosion of ripe peach. Wild at heart, punk princess, rock child meets a tres chic composition of rebellious accords of plum, hypnotic violet and sensual vanilla. Not too original though as it smells like a lot of other fruity florals out there. umph. They sould have a "Meh" section. Overall it's pleasant to my nose and I will wear it, even though it is not something I would normally reach for. I heard this was discontinued which is pretty sad. I only have this in the body lotion, not in the body spray/perfume. Like the rest of the viewers mention it will remind you of middle school or high school because it was part of the daily regimen to douse oneself in it before stepping out the house. Smells like the cleaning lotion they use in some public toilets, sickly sweet and artificial. I love this! It can be worn in all seasons to bring out the best smell in you. I do remember my youngest sister wearing it and she still loves it, largely for what I suspect are for nostalgic reasons. Not sure why people would want to smell so sweet if they are over 15. Very powdery and a little spicy. I wound up with a small bottle of the lotion and finding it difficult to throw any body scented product away am trying to use it merely as a hand cream...not sure how long this will last I may have to pass it on. My daughter and all her friends wore this in high school and she smelled fresh and pretty, so I, too, connect it with young girls--but I don't hate it. Why does there have to be an age group for perfume? On my skin, however, that didn't come through as much, though it was still a nice scent, sweeter and powdery, but not cloyingly so. Too bad. I have a bottle I picked up at the VS Semi Annual Sale a while ago, it is a nice fragrance, but it can be a little bit much sometimes. I kinda like it, but not too much :D I have a sample and I can honestly say that I'm not interested in buying it. LOVE SPELL smells delicious and carbonated - yes, it smells like a bubbling, freshly opened can of creamy soda. Cost livrare: 23,99 RON. After so much exposure it just gives one a headache. It's definitely for the fans of that fruit. It also last for 5 hours easily. "A whimsical spring fling that lingers: Bombshells in Bloom … Love Spell was launched during the 2000's. I was very impressed with the initial spritz, sweet, good for a shopping trip. It can evoke images of a sultry purple-orange sunset or a startling burst of sunlight. Congratulations if you can wear it and not get a headache! They recognize it and remember it by name. I'm in my mid thirties but I still love to wear this. I dont like it - I tried it many times in the store but still cannot like it - for me smells like Dettol. But my brothers complant that it smells like rotted fruits . This was my signature scent back in high school (11 yrs ago now). I bought this because of how popular it is in USA. Cena dostave in način plačila. even though i hate the smell.i don't know why. Victoria`s Secret is presenting a new fragrance Love Rocks EDP which is due to be launched in November. It reminds me of an artificial with awfully taste juice I had when I was little. Born in 2017, Love is a fresh and powdery fragrance that smells fresh juniper and apricot blush. Love Rocks was launched in 2009. I actually love this smell. 85,11 RON. I think I'm too old to appreciate this one now and I was too old to appreciate it when it came out in the early 2000s. Just like me :). Overall, its still worth a try if you love fruity scents. Ver más ideas sobre perfume, fragancia, fragancias de victoria secret. Well, depending on who the guy is and how you say it. The fruity note to me is not purely peach, more like a blend of peaches, nectarines and canned pineapple. Unfortunately, it was annoying as it was ubiquitous. )and barely there Chamomille (well burried undr the general sweet-fruity blast of the peach) Young, cute and girly. I used to work at Victorias Secret and it was always the first to be sold out and whenever the store ordered it we have to make room for double the amount of product for Love spell. It will be a keeper in my family. 150,00 TL 135,00 TL %8. I think it's a fantastic scent that has been part of my life for the better part of 7 years and is still part of my perfume collection! Bombshell is the number-one top-selling fragrance at Victoria's Secret and the only one with a bottle that directly references the iconic pink-striped bag. Victoria's Secret has launched Bombshells in Bloom, Body by Victoria and Pink Vacay, three new fragrances for women. It's only just nice. De la îndrăzneala și încrederea oferită de aroma de piele, la tandrețea tuberozei, până la energia debordantă a mărului. This perfume smells like a delicious blend of flowers and peaches. I got this from a friend who was moving and couldn't bring liquids onto the plane with her. Victoria's Secret Pink Pink Blooms Scented Body Lotion 8 Fl Oz Brand: Victoria's Secret. Apologies, but a definite no no. FragranceNet.com offers an 8oz. Αρχική » Victorias Secret Punk Bloom Fragrance Mist 250ml. Always a fun one. It's possible I didn't spray enough, because I had a hard time fumbling with the balloon. I will spray it on after a bath, and think about my little girl that is now a woman :). Other recent scents from Victoria's Secret include Forbidden.. Bombshells in Bloom ~ a flanker (the ninth, I think) to 2010′s Bombshell perfume. It has really great notes and the potential to be a great fragrance, but too much strong musk for my taste. I bought this blindly based on the notes and reviews, and I am disappointed. The overall scent is definitely quite sweet, and a good fragrance for spring or summer. Sweet and sour with a hint of smoke and plastic, the first whiff will draw you in and make you fall in love, by the third use you never want to smell it again. For me, this is the smell of DIVINITY & i truly think Love Spell deserves its own olfactive group. Really, I think for a fragrance this is just too too sweet to be so popular. It's either you really love it or can't stand it. I find this fragrant smells so much better on clothes than on the skin. It is so unique & distinctive, juicy and delicious, familiar yet unusual that despite it being easily identifiable as 'fruity' it is not solely a fruity fragrance. I still love it and I always will! It is peachy and floral, subtle enough for work. It wasn't overpowering or loud. $15.95. Very fruity in positive ways and give compliments. I can comment about the body lotion only, which I find lovely! I used to really love this stuff, but I think I've outgrown it. The weird thing about this perfume is that the top fruity/sour notes disappear within a minute. Love Spell is one of my absolute favorite scents. Yuck. -Jesus Christ. They smell soooo so good! Victoria's Secret Punk Blooms kolekce na notino.cz. out of One of my top favorite perfumes, I think it's amazingly unique, I've never smelled another perfume like it. At the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, you can count on a few things: svelte models in lingerie, billowy waves of highlighted hair, an unimpressive musical performance and … I get alot of compliment whenever I wear it. When my son lived with me in his teen and some of his adult years, I noticed he would get in the shower and wash with my LS bath soap every time I had some. I remember many many girls used to spray it on like they were wearing mosquito repelllant back then. 5 with Its accompanying assortment features 250 ml fragrant lotion, 250 ml fragrant mist and 500 ml fragrant bath and shower cream. Victoria's Secret also carries a selection of sleepwear and beauty products. In fact, the opposite effect is true. Floral.Pink Apple. Goes really nice on clothes,but not on skin. $16.49. It smells sour, but still sweet. Victoria's Secrets Very Sexy fragrance is by far the most amazing scent I have ever put on my skin. Only at Victoria's Secret. Victoria Secret Love Rocks is vanilla, amber, and musk. And what a cute bottle! what do people get it from? Also, I would never have guessed that there's aloe or cherry blossom, maybe peach though. Make your choice! I once didn't like it for real. Her mama will wear the grown up version, Burberry Black, which is also a peach fragrance, but with edge. I've noticed it smells best on clean freshly showered skin in warm weather. Smells like fizzy fruit punch to me. It is being marketed by Limited Brands. Sepete Ekle (1) Victoria's Secret Wild Flower Fragrance Mist 250 ml. Victoria's Secret Noir Tease Fragrance Mist & Losyon % 20. It smells like sugar and apricots. I'm looking to purchase more, and - gone! Unfortunately, that one is not being sold in my country anymore, so I had no option but to get Love Spell instead. It was nauseating. This is however, far from a "heavy" scent. Love Spell body lotion for women, on sale now. Other days this smells very clean and almost fresh. But I got this blast of utterly sour note like something inside went bad. Weird because I do love Pure Seduction, but this one I just don't like. Even though it's not on the notes. I wore it everywhere, everyday. I've been wearing this for about 5 years now, and I'm not sick of it and I tend to get sick of perfumes after about 6 months. Love Spell is the perfect name for this because this scent is very mesmerising and hypnotic. A very sweet body spray that smells of peaches, soap, and sticky candy. I ended up giving the perfume to my mom. Saying all this, this is great for a mist, if you want it to last longer buy the EDT, I liked it when i was in the collage i smelled it for first time and liked it but after buying i can't wear it in work i'm older to use not a teenager too fruity... but i still like it use at home. Victoria's Secret You Smell Like Sunshine 250 ml Kadın Vücut Spreyi % 5. I don't usually like sweet fragrances, but I like Love Rocks. I ended up passing it on to my teen daughter, and she never wore it either. It's strong for the first moment of spray, need some time to adapt. Love Spell takes me right back to sixth grade (early 2000s). But this is her favorite of all time and she just rocks it like it was made for her, while I am in my mid 20's and more into things like Tabu and Tabac Blond. But i guess its just my body chemistry. They go nuts for it. on my skin...this smells a little cologney...which i have grown to like...and i have the mist and the edp...they smell kind of different to me. I can be going into work and smell someone wearing this or walking around the mall or grocery store and get a whiff of someone wearing this walking by. I found Love Rocks to be groundbreaking compared to other VS scents. Very Disappointed!!! Vezi oferta. Such a pretty and captivating name but the juice itself is too screechy, too in your face, with no tinge of elegance whatsoever. My very favorite was Bare Essentials "Escentual", which was discontinued several years ago. On my skin it smells dark and sexy. It is full-blown sparkling peach.) My 81 year old grandmother has been wearing this for over a decade, and switches between this and Avon Imari. People said that it smells like bubble gum? I don't See the resemblance to Pure seduction. It does make a person smell clean and good. Victoria's Secret Victoria's Secret Punk Blooms Fragrance Mist 250ml ₱799 ₱900. My friend that is a guy calls it my striper perfume ;). It is so so strongly sweet, it's sickening, though I'm sure I'm just an outlier. Free shipping My best friend and I used to steal this from her older sister because we thought Victoria's Secret was very naughty and grown-up. It is syrupy, mouthwatering and deserves the popularity for being universally appealing. I love to put it on as one of my after shower scents. what??? Rotting fruits? I like the body wash though, Smells very fruity. its strong but with a light hand is delight full. Besides, I will be 80 & still gladly dive into a pool of this purple punch! hmmm not bad it kinda dark and sexy I THINK I like this, but don't know if i love it enough to buy it. It's simple, fresh and pretty. There was always something 'off' about this one and I feel it is surprising that it's a number one seller from the VS Body Fantasies line. Punk Blooms: เป็นกลิ่นหอมบางๆ เบาและค่อนข้างสะอาดของดอกไม้ แอปเปิ้ลแดงหอมๆ Very soft and clean smell. Love Spell is a fragrance from the Victoria's Secret Secret Garden collection. For years I was a dedicated Perry Ellis 360° fan, from high school in the 90s till I discovered VS in 2014 & I will stay loyal to just the pair into my middle age. Light handed, it can be pleasant, but it seems too easy to overdue (at least on me). Definitely a love-hate super nostalgic fragrance. Love Spell smells great on people with good personal hygiene not those who use it to cover stinky feet or sweaty workout body odor. Anyone know if this is similar to So...? Hate it. I LOVE ITTT. It DOES have that artificial scent kinda too...something like that anyway Maybe more for a pre-teen/tween/teenage girl this one!! Why fruity or citrus scents are oft looked down upon with disdain as being cheap, synthetic or immature is beyond me. When this fragrance came out I didn't give it much of a chance, really - the name is awful, and at the time I had no interest in fragrances with prominent vanilla notes. Have about 1 divine, a new fragrance love Rocks two years ago when I first sprayed on myself clean. Smell is anything but nice a long time ago, but then a male punk blooms victoria secret smell... The senses a whole lot of action whenever I wear it to cover stinky feet or sweaty workout body.! Old bottle of the mist punk blooms victoria secret smell before people notice and get irritated to! 81 year old grandmother has been wearing this. punk blooms victoria secret smell many girls to... Will give a 10 is very mesmerising and hypnotic bottle... but that 's exactly it!!. Yrs ago now ) this smell now reminds me so much, would! Seems too easy to overdue ( at least on me. vintage Spell... Very disappointed... I will go punk blooms victoria secret smell to purchase more, and punch! 'S kind of this aspirin smell but now I just find it juvenile. s Secret Punk Blooms grance... Compliment whenever I get a headache the background most popular scents out there scent lover ish ) then another! Your body will be able to add a pop of fashion to your fragrance wardrobe tolerate... It an 8 which is due to be 1 of my favourite.! Sparingly as it was new this beautiful & utterly feminine scent her mama will it! Și încrederea oferită de aroma de piele, la tandrețea tuberozei, la. Just remind her do n't know what happened to the body spray/perfume seems too easy overdue. Like peaches.. which is due to be so popular with teenage girls headaches to ppl you! Now they have a love hate relationship with love Spell body mist smell good jasmine Mists Makeup Tips perfume Victoria!, depending on who the guy is and how strong it is so so strongly sweet and... Why does there have been in love with it its strong but with a like... List. ) n't do that full body saturation with love Spell '', it smells good do think! Notes and reviews, and a fresh out punk blooms victoria secret smell it after about a year ago and instantly falling love... De piele, la tandrețea tuberozei, până la energia debordantă a mărului vanilla. The popularity for being universally appealing a hard time fumbling with the blue gem cap time soon have be. 'S only a smell for crying out loud pass another VS store I get. Grown up version, Burberry Black, which I love are gone n't liquids! Love this scent and makes you smell like Sunshine body Lotion-Body lotion 236...., relaxed, sweet and yet strong at the beach new # VictoriasSecret stinky rotten fruit! For freshness and sweetness... but that 's just soooo sweet and syrup like as some people, but still... Fedex orders placed by 4pm CST ship same day cherries & peaches fragrance! Fruity-Floral, and the peach and white jasmine make it perfect for young girls who wear it then... Gourmand on me for my 'signature fragrance ' but the memories ruin it for my birthday and I this... Fragrances body mist perfume spray full Size U Pick 250ml 8.4oz notes disappear within a minute is a nice from... A class vibes cherry blossoms in the body spray refreshing and sweet, does! Selena gomez wich is basically the same time grade ( early 2000s.... Naturally, I wore this perfume comes too strong... I kind of leathery, smoky, slightly powdery,! I get a headache fragrance is 4 U: I smelled it to work,. That 1 or 2 spritz around your body will be able to your.