Larry Vojtko

Writer and Director

Kristin Doran


Kristin Doran

Kathryn Davies

Director of Photography

David Raynock


Kristin Doran

Production Assistant

Ryan Mullaney


Chris Zellers

Kristin Doran

Sound Design

Neil Prisco

Additional Photography

Kristin Doran


On-Location Credits for Portland, OR

Production Services Provided by

Picture This Productions

Production Manager

Ben Olberg

Director of Photography

Tom Hanson

On-Location Credits for Cristobal Colon, Ecuador


Image Acquisition by

Nubia Jaramillo

Segundo Moreno

Blair Rynearson

Peter Pinchot


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Kathryn Davies

Production Manager

Ben Payavis II

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Joe Joyce

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Doug Cook

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Chris Zellers

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Neil Prisco

On Camera Interviews

(in order of appearance)


Susan Beecher

Char Miller

Jackson F. Eno

Peter Pinchot

Mary Glassman

Charles Howard

Gifford Pinchot III

Theodore Roosevelt IV

John Gordon

Tim Egan

Tom Tidwell

Allison Stewart

Casey Errico

Leila Pinchot

Edgar Brannon

Sue Currier

Howard Nuekrug

Paul Rush

Paul Reining

Gary Carr

Bob Hobbes

Jay Czerniak

Beth Czerniak

Rodney M. Jones

Catherine Mater

Doug Decker

Senator Betsy Johnson

Tony Hyde

Dr. Kenneth Cox

Mike Pihl

Matheus Pihl

Scott Russell

Grey Towers Tour Guide

Lee Salber


Archival Footage sourced from

“The Greatest Good”

“Gifford Pinchot; America’s First Forester”

“The Pinchot Family Home Movies”

“John F. Kennedy Dedicates the Pinchot Institute of Conservation”

“Scranton; Once and Future City”

Aerial Footage provided by

Footage Bank HD

Microscopic Footage provided by

Kirstina Yu

Copyright Exploratorium

National Park Footage provided by

The National Park Service

Archival Photographs provided by

Grey Towers National Historic Site, USDA Forest Service

The National Archives and Records Administration

The Library of Congress

Jackson F. Eno

Hunter Mountain Twilight, painted by Sanford Robinson Gifford

is located at The Art Institute of Chicago Museum. No copyright.




Production Music provided by

Firstcom Music


“Appalachian Spring”, written by Aaron Copland,

Performed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra

Composed by Leonard Bernstrin


On-Location Bucket Truck provided by

Sequoia Tree Service, Dingman’s Ferry, PA





Special Thanks to


US Dept. of Agriculture Forest Service


Grey Towers Nat’l Hist. Site

Andy Conrad

Ellen Geis

Elizabeth Hawk

Lori McKean

Lee Salber

Allison Stewart



Office of the Chief

Karla J. Hawley

Leo Kay


Additional Thanks to

Ann Dunsky

Steven Dunksy

David Steinke


Additional Thanks to


Susan Beecher

Sharon Bernal

The Bernal Family

John Bliss

Edgar Brannon

Joyce Cahill

Mike Carr

Carol R. Collier

Rich Correa

Linda Desrosiers

Joseph Doran

Carol Eno

Jackson Eno

Patti Ferrara

James Flynn

Martin Geitz

Elizabeth Jacks

Bobby LaRon

Catherine Mater

Anita Mielert

Wolf Meielert

Stacy Miller

Sarah Nielson

Nick Niles

Sharon Sutherland

Philiss Wichert



Ridge and Valley Charter School

The Town of Simsbury, CT

The Simsbury 1820 House, Simsbury, CT

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The Black Bear Café, Vernonia, OR

The Yale Club NYC

The Delaware River Basin Commission

The Philadelphia Water Department

The New York Department of Environmental Protection

The City of New York Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre, and Broadcasting

We wish to thank the men and women of the US Forest Service

for all their advice and support throughout this project,

especially for access to archival footage and other historical materials

at Grey Towers National Historic Site and at National Forests

and other locations throughout the country.

We also wish to thank the men and women of the Pinchot Institute

for their cooperation and assistance throughout this project.

We also wish to thank the Pinchot family

for permission to use personal photos and other materials

reflecting the family history.