Appendix D

Critical Issues from the Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt:


Immigration: TR’s era   -Influx of immigrants from southern and eastern Europe

-Gentleman’s Agreement dealing with Japanese immigration

Today:     -Influx of immigrants from Mexico.

-Various proposals for amnesty for illegal immigrants.


Conservation: TR’s era  -Resistance to presidential efforts to set aside western lands for

National Forests, Reclamation Projects, Game & Bird

Preserves, etc.

Today:      – Efforts to reopen western public lands to development.


Labor vs Big Business:

                        TR’s era   -Mediating Anthracite Coal Strike

-Addressing consumer concerns for safer food.

Today:    -Balancing American labor demands with corporate need

to keep down labor costs by sending jobs overseas.

                                        –Renewed concerns for food, especially meat, safety.


Trust Busting:

                        TR’s era  – 45 suits to break trusts that set prices/stop competition.

Today:     -Concerns and lawsuits, especially directed toward tele-

communications and computer technology corporations to

oppose domination of industry by a few companies.


Foreign Policy:

                        TR’s era  -Presidential use of mediation, international arbitration and

courts in dealing with international problems.

Today:                -America’s relationship with the international community,

especially with regard to the United Nations, the

World Court, the international arbitration of problems, etc.

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