Chapter II

Influences and The Birth of  American Forestry

A   Inspiration

1.  Man and Nature by Marsh

Land stewardship    (Mediterranean devastated)

-Climate change and landscape change

-Consequences of deforestation
-conquerors vs stewards

2.  Grey Towers

Effected Gifford, love for wilderness


Renewed landscape

Conservation practice and ethic


B.  European Forestry Model

1.  “Robin Hood”        

2.  Scientific Management

3.  Need for proof of other long term benefits

  • Fighting idea of inexhaustibility
  • Lumber was crops  “sustained yield”  (modern global sustainability)

4.  Danger of the concept of inexhaustibility

5.  ** Federal gov’t had a big part to play


C.  Establishing a solid base

1.  Vanderbilt Estate Forest

2.  Publications and the press

  • Biltmoore Forest Publication
  • The White Pine: A Study
  • Government Forestry Abroad


D.  Yale Endowment

1.  Forestry program

2.  Grey Towers training ground 1901

  • ID trees, habitats, etc
  • “prepared and inspired”


E.  The Concept of The National Forest
1.  Sustainable use of national resources


Terms to Know or Revisit:

National Forestry Commission 1896                Endowment                  Man and Nature by George Marsh 1864

Frontier hangover

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