Chapter IV

Conservation vs Preservation

Public Service and Social Justice

A  Preservation and the National Parks

1.  Conservation vs Preservation

2.  The National Parks Service formed in 1916

-Conservation key to getting public support vs ranchers opposition

– 1872- Yellowstone first National Park

-Recreational agenda for Forest Service

-Summer homes/automobile made them popular

3.  John Muir -Hetch Hetchy Valley Controversy

-**First National Debate on the use of natural resources

-Yosemite, clash on certain landscapes and usage..  1906 quake

-Public debate of  development vs preservation NAT STAGE
-first time the debate was in public

B  Taft

1.  The Big Blowup – August 20, 1910

-Three million acres burn in Montana and Idaho

-Policy of the Forest Service (fell fire suppression)
After the devastation of the Big Blowup, it was decided that the U.S. Forest                                                    Service was to prevent and battle against every wildfire

-No advocates of controlled burns

-Pinchot Fired as Forester in 1910

2.  Forest Service Agency remained successful

-Weeks Act of 1911Purchased deforested land for cheap


-grass roots

-management for nations good

-sound principles

a.  Benefit of future generation

b.  Keep integrity of resources

c.  Make resources available for all people

d.  Premise of Social justice

C Pinchot as Public Servant

1.  As Governor of PA

1922 and  1930 – 2ND TERM AS GOVERNOR, Great Depression

-Pinchot Roads

-FDR Advisor

-Civilian Conservation Corps

-Aldo Loepold  -Game Management, 1930s

D  Pinchot as Advocate

1.  FDR Civilian Conservation Corps

-Tree wind breaks in Dust Bowl

-Trees more than economic value

-Common ethics of care for the land

2.  Seeking Greatest Good

1914 – Married Cornelia Brice

-suffragette, politics,  congressional candidate

-Grey Towers

-gathering people and having conversations

-stakeholders around issues

-develop solutions

E  Post WWII Boom

-Japanese float balloons to set forest fires

-postwar needs greater for timber

-outdoor recreation boom




Terms to Know/Revisit


John Muir                                National Parks                                     Yellowstone 1872

Yosemite 1890                                    Sierra Club 1892                                   Ansel Adams

Henry David Thoreau              Ralph Waldo Emerson

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