Feedback Form

Teacher Survey/Feedback Form


1.  For what grade did you use this unit?


2.  Did you utilize all or part of the activities/resources suggested? Which ones?




3.  Were you able to modify the activities/discussions listed to fit your curriculum/grade level?

If so, how did you modify it?





4.  What was the student’s reaction to this content?  Would you say it held their attention and helped them learn?  Why or why not?





5.  Do you feel this is a necessary resource in the WVIA school district membership?





            -Rank this from 1-10, please.  One being the least important aspect of WVIA membership, 10       being the most important.



6.  Do you have any suggestion for subject matter in the future?  What do you feel is lacking in terms of the availability of good instructional resources and ideas?






7.  Overall, was this resource helpful in adding, supplementing or creating new content for your classroom?


Would you say it is unique compared to your other resources?

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