Lesson 3A: The Progressives – Who Were They?

Lesson 3A: The Progressives – Who Were They?      Grade level:   6-10                 Time: Several class periods

Cross Curricular/Cross Lessons: 1A: The Gilded Age; 2C: Stewardship, Consequences and New Ideas; 3B: Conservationists, Preservationists and Capitalists; 3C: Government Power; 6E: Pol. Cartoons

PDE Academic Standards: 1.1.8/11; 1.2.8/11; 1.6.8/11; 5.1.9/12; 5.2.9/12; 5.3.9/12; 7.4.9/12; 8.1.9/12; 8.2.9/12; 8.3.9/12



–Students will gain a better understanding of Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency and the Progressive movement

–Students will be able to explain and evaluate the legacy of Theodore Roosevelt as it relates to conservation

–Students will understand the reasons behind the conservation movement in the first part of the 20th century

–Students will draw connections and develop a sense of continuity between two different time periods



Seeking the Greatest Good
Progressive Reformers lists:



Timeline for Progressive Era reforms:


Anticipatory Set:  (2min)      “Moment of Zen”       Discuss the quote as it relates to both students and the topic.

“There is properly no history; only biography.”

                                                                                    -Ralph Waldo Emerson


–View Chapter III of Seeking the Greatest Good

Give the class a list of Progressive Era reformers (found from link above) and ask them to choose one to research.  Be sure to make it mandatory that students research their background and upbringing.  Ask students to present their findings, either in an oral presentation of a research paper, a power point, or another type of presentation.  List all the assigned subjects across the top of a large table and list important aspects of each person and the years in which they lived.  As a class, find what they all have in common and where they differ.  Discuss what causes worked and why? Have the students access the link above and read the timeline of Progressive Era reforms.  Which ones were created during TR’s administration?  Compare the list with a list of reforms that were instituted during TR’s administration.  How large of a role did Theodore Roosevelt fill as president in making many of these causes into law?


Closure/Summary:            (3min)

As a class, based on student findings, answer the Key Question:

–How did the Gilded Age ironically sow the seeds for the Progressive Era, both in terms of people and           general attitude?

            —Describe the unique partnership between TR and Pinchot.  Explain how such a partnership provided            the necessary foundation of government intervention in conservation.



Students will be evaluated based on the quality of their projects and presentation

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