Lesson 6F: How Do Others See Us?

Lesson 6F: How Do Others See Us?                Grade level:  7-10                             Time: One class period
Cross Curricular Components: 2A: Influence; 4B: Influence of the Arts on Policy; 6H: Intro to Global Climate Change
PDE Academic Standards: 4.1.7.A; 4.1.10.A; 1.6.8/11; 4.8.7-12; 7.1.9; 7.4.9; 8.3.9; 9.2.8/11; 9.3.8/12;



–Students will examine and discuss the view other nations have of U.S. Environmental policy

–Students will gain a perspective of the United States’ role and place in the global community

–Students will be forced to evaluate their own perspectives on U.S. Environmental policy



Seeking the Greatest Good

Coastal Deforestation (Powerpoint)

Costal Deforestation (PDF)


Anticipatory Set:  (2min)      “Moment of Zen”       Discuss the quote as it relates to both students and the topic.

“Always do the right thing.  This will gratify some and astonish the rest.”

                                                                                    -Mark Twain


–View Chapter VI of Seeking the Greatest Good

Show the students a successive map of the deforestation in Ecuador

Ask the students to share how they feel about the deforestation of the tropical rain forests in Ecuador.

–Show students the power point that includes political cartoons from other countries.  Using the Cartoon Interpretation worksheet (if necessary), ask the students what each cartoon is trying to say and to record their feelings about the cartoon.

–Have the students answer the following questions (either as a discussion or writing assignment)

1.  What is the overall view of other countries toward US environmental policy?

2.  Why do you think Europe and Canada have an especially harsh view of the US environmental       policies?

3. How does that relate to Gifford Pinchot’s early search for a comprehensive forestry plan in Europe?

4. What are the top three criticisms other countries have with US policy?  Does their economy and location             matter? Why?

5.  Given its history, does the U.S. have less of or more of a right to influence other countries in how                         they manage their natural resources?


Closure/Summary:            (3min)

Ask the students how they feel about the cartoons.  Do they feel it is justified or unjustified? Ask them to compare how their own environmental philosophy coincides with their feelings of justification and whether or not the US has a responsibility to the rest of the world.  Does their opinion now change about the deforestation of the rain forests?



Students will be evaluated based on the quality of their responses.

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