I    Life and Legacy of Gifford Pinchot 7:42


  • Consistent Issues regarding sustainability and the practical use of natural resources
  • The Historical Context of Conservation
  • The Gilded Age                        


II  Influences and The Birth of  American Forestry 13:45


  • Ideas of Land stewardship, Climate and landscape change, Consequences of deforestation
  • Inspirations of Gifford Pinchot; Establishing a Forestry Program
  • The Concept of The National Forest and Sustainable use of national resources


III  The Progressives and the Conservation Movement 6:36


  • Progressives:  Privilege and purpose
  • The Birth of the Conservation Movement
  • The Pinchot – TR Connection
  • The National Forests: Sustainable Use and Management
  • Denver Public Lands Convention

IV  Conservation vs Preservation; Public Service and Social Justice 6:28


  • Preservation and the National Parks
  • Conservation vs Preservation
  • John Muir and the Hetch Hetchy Valley Controversy
  • The Taft Administration and the resilience of the Forest Service
  • Pinchot as Public Servant and advocate

V  The Modern Conservation Legacy:  Practical Conservation 8:34


  • The Modern Conservation Era
  • Issues Today
  • Grey Towers National Historic Site and the Milford Experimental Forest


VI  Practical Conservation II  The Air we breathe and the water we drink 10:00


  • Over the long term: Conservation Challenges; Environmentally, Economically, Socially
  • Pinchot Institute for Environmental Studies
  • Common Waters Partnership
  • Forest health-Human Health Initiative
  • Ecosystem Management and the Ecomodera Project
  • Effect of Deforestation

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