Unit Rationale

Unit Rationale


The purpose of this unit is to incorporate the film Seeking the Greatest Good into classroom curriculum and bring about an awareness of the current state of our environmental resources and the impact of human development on future conservation and preservation efforts.


The film is an excellent resource for teachers to trace, with their students, the history of the conservation movement, the characteristics of Progressive Era reformers, and the centuries old (and ongoing) debate about how human beings impact our environment, what we need to do to balance economic and environmental needs, and what role governments should play in such a balance.


Similarly, this guide is designed to stimulate thought, debate and discussion among students and their teachers on how to balance the needs of a growing population with the need to preserve our environment and conserve our resources.  This guide is also meant to encourage problem solving among students in addressing some of the current and potential concerns about our supplies of fresh air and clean drinking water, as well as the management of resources abroad that drastically affect the planet as a whole.


The activities and themes in this guide address all manner of content areas and can be utilized to supplement an already existing unit, or as a foundation for a completely new exploration into the key role that Pennsylvania has and is playing in the protection and regulation of a limited set of natural resources.   Assessment suggestions, primary source material and other ideas can be incorporated however the classroom teacher sees fit.



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