Please assist. Energy expert Ted Blom has called for emergency measures to be put in place to help curb power outages. Excellent potential depending on your requirements.Property is ideal for a Day Spa or Doctors rooms. Electrical equipment is all around us. You may also choose the outages by county option to see a list of estimated restoration times, or ETRs, in your county. As much as we prepare and harden our system against power outages, they do happen. So, we dont know when it will come on, went off this morning...what do you do when the power goes out at home? Community See All. 500 block TREASURE TROVE RD, 400 block GAVIN AVE P97U, 200 block ESPLANADE RD P65, 300 block OAK LN, 100 block ESPLANADE RD P80, 100 block PERSEPONE PL, 300 block HERRING HTS RD, 200 - 400 block OAK AVE, 200 block ESPLANADE LN, 400 block GAVIN RD P94... East of TRUMAN RD, South-West of SUNSHINE COAST HWY, North of PORTERS RD, West of SUNSHINE COAST HWY, South of WESCAN RD, West of TRUMAN RD, East of BROOKS RD, 1500 block LARCHBERRY WAY, 600 block OCEANVIEW DR, 2900 block LOWER RD, 900 block STEPHENS RD, North-South of FRANCIS PEN RD, East of MERRILL CRS, West of TUDOR GROVE RD, South of PERTH DR, North of PEEBLES PL, East of PIA RD, West of TORBET PL, South of TRANS CANADA HWY, East of 141ST ST, West of DOVE PL, North of 100TH AVE, West of 192ND ST, South of 68TH AVE, East of 181A ST, North of 60TH AVE, East of 125TH ST, North of ENGLISH PL, South of 76TH AVE, West of 138TH ST, East of KING GEORGE BLV, South of 56TH AVE, West of 160TH ST, North of 36TH AVE, East of 137A ST, South of ROAD B , West of 139B ST, North of 79TH AVE, North of 30A AVE, South of 40TH AVE, West of 176TH ST, East of 164TH ST, 15600 - 15700 block 92 AVE, 15700 block 92ND AVE, South of 80TH AVE, East of 78A AVE, West of 79A AVE, North of 79TH AVE, 13000 block 54A AVE, 13000 block COULTHARD RD, 1700 block DAVIE ST, 1200 block BIDWELL ST, East of BEACH AVE, North of THURLOW ST, West of BURRARD ST, South of BARCLAY ST, West of KEEFER ST, East of MAIN ST, South of PENDER ST, North of UNION ST, East of ROBSON ST, South-West of CORDOVA ST, North of GRANVILLE ST, East of TYNE ST, North of WHITHORN CRT, South of 48TH AVE, West of COQUIHALLA DR, South-West of 49TH AVE, East of TYNE ST, North of TODERICK ST, South of KEEFER ST, West of GORE AVE, East of MAIN ST, North of GEORGIA ST, South of 4TH AVE, North of 6TH AVE, West of COLUMBIA ST, East of CAMBIE ST, East of ST CATHERINES ST, South of 8TH AVE, North of BROADWAY , West of WINDSOR ST, South of RUPERT ST, West of JOYCE ST, North of EUCLID AVE, East of CHATHAM ST, North of 49TH AVE, East of VIVIAN ST, South of 46TH AVE, West of KERR ST, 400 block E 43RD AVE, 400 block E 44TH AVE, East of MAPLE ST, North of 3RD AVE, South of 2ND AVE, West of CYPRESS ST, 5700 block JOYCE ST, 5700 block MCKINNON ST, 0 block E 50TH AVE, 0 - 100 block E 49TH AVE, 2400 block SE MARINE DR, 8000 - 8300 block ELLIOTT ST, West of WILLOW ST, East of OAK ST, South of KING EDWARD AVE, North of 28TH AVE, West of REBEKAH DR, North of BEAGLE CRT, South of SADDLE LN, East of KERR ST, West of BLENHEIM ST, East of COLLINGWOOD ST, North of 23RD AVE, South of 22ND AVE, 3300 block KINGSWAY, 3300 block CHURCH ST, East of CAROLINA ST, North of 17TH AVE, South of 16TH AVE, West of FRASER ST, East of GLEN DR, West of CLARK DR, South of KINGSWAY , North of 23RD AVE, 2800 block W 35TH AVE, 2800 block W 36TH AVE, West of PRINCE ALBERT ST, East of FRASER ST, North of 60TH AVE, South of 59TH AVE, 4400 block W 12TH AVE, 4400 block W 11TH AVE, 3000 block E 29TH AVE, 4500 block EARLES ST, 2100 block W 34TH AVE, 2100 block W 33RD AVE, East of WOODLAND DR, South of BROADWAY , North of 10TH AVE, West of VICTORIA DR, 5700 block CHURCHILL ST, 1500 block W 41ST AVE, North of 40TH AVE, West of RHODES ST, East of WALES ST, South of 38TH AVE, West of Road G RD, North-East of MARINE DR, South of WOODBURN RD, East of MONTIVERDI PL, West of ALMONDEL PL, North of MARINE DR, East of HAPPY VALLEY LN, West of MARINE DR, South of ROCKRIDGE RD, East of ST ANDREWS PL, South-West of BONNYMUIR DR, North of BARNHAM PL, North of Trans Can , West of CYPRESS BOWL RD, East of WOODGREEN DR, East of MARTIN ST, South of NORTH BLUFF RD, West of GEORGE ST, North of ROPER AVE, North of WAWALAS DR, South-East of WAGLISLA ST, South of AIRPORT RD, North-East-West of HWY 20. 112 Third Avenue, Bredell (10,163.52 mi) Kempton Park, South Africa 1623. Page Transparency See More. DA Kempton Park & Edenvale Constituency, Edenvale & Kempton Park, Gauteng. But above all, stay safe! Kempton Express 1 minute read An 11-hour planned power supply interruption will affect many residents on Friday when the City of Ekurhuleni carries out urgent repairs to electrical equipment at the Van Riebeeck Park Substation. If your outage isn't shown, call 1 800 BCHYDRO (1 800 224 9376) or *HYDRO (*49376) on your mobile or report it online. City Power Johannesburg Outage Map. and noooo...i dont have a jenny...:mad: Power outage in Kempton Park - Page … 1 Bates Rd; 2820, 3550, 3551, 3591 Barker Rd; Cnr Of Munn Rd and Highland View Royal ; Corner Of Barker Rd And Barker View Royal; 2510, 2600, 2601, 2670, 2700, 2800 Herbate RD; 3550 Highland Rd; 2101 Munn Rd; 3501 Thanet Rd; 3601 Westoby Rd; South of AUSTIN RD, East of CROWN DR, West of HART HWY, North of CROFT RD, East of WESTSIDE RD, South of FOREST HILL PL, North of HWY 16, West of VANHILL RD, East of GAUTHIER RD, North of HWY 16, East of HART HWY, North of PG PULP MILL RD, East of OLD SUMMIT LAKE RD, North of EICHLER RD, West of UPPER FRASER RD, North of FERNDALE RD, 50000 block WILLOW CALE FOREST RD, 43500 block WILLOWCALE RD, ST MARYS LAKE, South of HWY 97 , East of MCLEAN RD, West of NORTHWOOD RD, North of BARKERVILLE HWY, West of FROST RD, East of SCHEMENAUER RD, South of ELGIN RD, East of BLACKWATER RD, North of BOUCHIE LAKE RD, 1500 - 1600 block MARSH RD, 1600 block SARGENT RD, North-East-West of ABBOTT DR, South of FINDLAY RD, 1500 block W FRASER RD, 1500 block WEST FRASER RD. This follows damage being caused to the Glen Marais sub-station in the area. Jump to page: Results 41 to 48 of 48 Thread: Power outage in Kempton Park. … How can they be prevented? 1,721 people like this. The bargain of the Century … a 6 bedroom property of endless options. Gadebe said preliminary investigations indicated that the explosion was possibly caused by cable faults. Report a power outage to our province-wide hotline, which operates 24/7 at 1-800-434-1235. eNCA's Tshegohaco Moagi has more. Jump to page: Results 41 to 48 of 48 Thread: Power outage in Kempton Park. in Kempton Park now available. The City said it would try to keep more customers on since it is off-peak load demand. … Show Printable Version; Email this Page… 2013/05/14, 03:51 PM #41. Over three days without electricity. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Articles Member Join Date Feb 2012 Location Kemptonpark Age 37 Posts 213; Thanked: 28. 5300 - 6300 block LYNE CRK RD, BREMNER RD P188, 6200 block LYNES CREEK RD, 6093 GUIDE RD, GUIDE RD P18/2, 6087 GUIDE RD, LYNE CRK RD P212 BARN, LYNE CRK RD P213 SHOP, LYNES CRK RD P102, GUIDE RD P9... East of LIKELY RD, South of GAVIN LAKE RD, 4300 block TEASDALE ROAD, 4400 - 4600 block TEASDALE RD, 1000 block FOX MOUNTAIN RD, 1000 block FOX MTN RD, 600 block PIGEON AVE, 300 block MCDOUGALL ST, North of VYE RD, West of INTERPROVINCIAL HWY, South of TRANS CANADA HWY, East of PARALLEL RD, 33200 block HUNTINGDON RD, 0 - 700 block SHORT RD, North of VYE RD, East of YORK RD, South of PARALLEL RD, West of FADDEN RD, West of BEVAN CRS, East of CLEARBROOK RD, South of SOUTH FRASER WAY, North of MARSHALL RD, 800 - 1200 block LAMSON RD, 37200 block VYE RD, South of 4TH AVE, West of RAILWAY AVE, North of INTERNATIONAL AVE, East of RIVERSIDE RD, 30400 block HERITAGE DR, 3600 block MT LEHMAN RD, North-East of BRADNER RD, West of ROSS RD, 37600 - 38100 block WELLS LINE RD, 1300 - 1500 block BOWMAN RD, North of INTERPROVINCIAL HWY, East of DIXON RD, West of TOLMIE RD, South of NO 3 RD, 2500 block PAULINE ST, 33700 block ESSENDENE AVE, East of MARION RD, South of CHESTNUT AVE, West of COLUMBIA VALLEY RD, West of DYKE RD, South of RIVER RD, East of 272ND ST, North of LEFEUVRE RD, North of ROSSLAND PL, South of ABB MISSION HWY, West of CLAYBURN RD, East of MT LEHMAN RD, North of LANSON CRS, East-West of EAST RD, South of WOLLNY RD, 1700 block BILLINGTON RD, 1500 - 1700 block WOODS RD, East of MACDONALD AVE, South of PENZANCE DR, North of DAWSON ST, West of HOWARD AVE, South of HALIFAX ST, North of BROADWAY , East of UNDERHILL AVE, West of GAGLARDI WAY, North-West of BROADWAY , East of UNDERHILL AVE, South of GAGLARDI WAY, South of HALIFAX ST, North of FOREST GROVE DR, East of UNDERHILL AVE, West of GAGLARDI WAY, North of GOVERNMENT ST, South of FOREST GROVE DR, West of ASTOR DR, East of LOUGHEED HWY, 5100 block CANADA WAY, 5100 - 5200 block SAVILE ROW, 3900 block KINGSWAY, 5700 block JERSEY AVE, 5400 block TYE CRT, 1400 block HOWARD AVE, 6500 block MARLBOROUGH AVE, 6500 block BURLINGTON AVE, East of 18TH ST, South of 15TH ST, North-West of LONDON ST, West of RIVERBEND DR, South of GLENLYON PKY, East of NO 6 RD, North of HWY 91, East of SALMONBERRY DR, South of GRAND VIEW DR, North of CHILLIWACK MOUNTIAN RD, West of AITKEN RD, South-West of FROST RD, East of CANYON RD, South of 9TH ST, West of CAROL AVE, East of VERA RD, North of 6TH ST, 49700 - 49800 block LOOKOUT RD, 49900 block ELK VIEW RD, PROMONTORY RIVER RD MTR LTG, 5900 - 6000 block PROMONTORY RD, 48200 - 48300 block CHILLIWACK LAKE RD, 48200 block CHWK LAKE RD, South of AUSTIN AVE, East of MIDVALE ST, North of KUGLER AVE, West of MUNDY ST, 900 block SELKIRK CRE, 900 block SELKIRK CRES, 1100 block WINSLOW AVE, 1100 block KING ALBERT AVE, East of ROBERTS BANK WAY, North of HWY 17 , South of 27B AVE, West of 48TH ST, South-East of DELTAPORT WAY, North of FALCON WAY, West of 52ND ST, 1400 block CLIVEDEN AVE, CLIVEDEN AVE NORTH OF, 5400 block CRESCENT DR, 5400 block WESTMINSTER AVE, 8800 block DELMONTE CRES, 8800 block DELVISTA DR, South of EDEN CRS, West of 56A ST, East of 56TH ST, North of 10A AVE, North-South of DYKE RD, West of MOUNTAIN VIEW BLV, North of 50TH AVE, South of PATON DR, West of HWY 17A , East of BENTLEY PL, North of HILLCREST RD, West of MADISON PL, South of REED RD, East of NORTH RD, 700 block SEACOT WAY, 800 block PLEASANT PL, South-East of LOUGHEED HWY, North-West of ASHTON RD, 7300 - 7400 block PIONEER AVE, 1800 block TOWER RD, South of 58TH AVE, East of 192ND ST, West of 240TH ST, North of 16TH AVE, East of 201ST ST, North of 56TH AVE, South of INDUSTRIAL AVE, West of 203RD ST, South of 40TH AVE, North of 24TH AVE, East of 232ND ST, West of 248TH ST, East of 200TH ST, North of 24TH AVE, West of 206TH ST, South of 32ND AVE, North of FRASER HWY, South of 56TH AVE, West of 232ND ST, East of 224TH ST, 2600 block WILDWOOD DR, 2800 block WOODLAND DR, East of 252ND ST, South of 84TH AVE, North of 76TH AVE, West of 264TH ST, North of PANORAMA PL, South of BAYVIEW RD, West of OCEANVIEW PL, East of HWY 99 HWY, North of KELVIN GROVE WAY, South of LIONS BAY AVE, East of MCVEETY ST, North of 104TH AVE, South of JACKSON RD, West of 249 ST, South of BARKER AVE, North of RIVER RD, East of 210TH ST, West of RIVER WND, South of RIVER RD, West of WOOD ST, East of RIVER WND, North of EDGEDALE AVE, South of 112TH AVE, West of HAYWARD ST, North of LOUGHEED HWY, East of 280TH ST, South of VIEWCREST AVE, East of LOFTUS ST, North of SILVERDALE AVE, West of CLAY ST, West of LENNOX RD, North of NICOMEN ISL TRK RD, West of AINSWORTH ST, South of MCCOOMBS ST, East of DEWDNEY TRUNK RD, 10200 - 10300 block WILKINSON ST, 10000 - 10100 block STAVE LAKE ST, West of AVES TCE, North-South-East of NELSON ST, North of 18TH ST, South of HAROLD RD, West of KILMARNOCK CRS, East of WILLIAM AVE, West of ST ANDREWS AVE, South of 14TH ST, East of 8TH ST, North of KEITH RD, North of TRANS CANADA HWY, West of ST GEORGES AVE, East of CHESTERFIELD AVE, South of WINDSOR RD, 3800 block ORLOHMA PL, 3800 block BROCKTON CRES, East of MT SEYMOUR RD, South of INDIAN RIVER DR, West of LORETTO DR, North of MT SEYMOUR PKY, North of 23RD ST, East of MAHON AVE, South of 24TH ST, West of WESTERN AVE, 2000 block MAHON AVE, 200 - 300 block W 21ST ST, North of EVELYN ST, East of LYNN VALLEY RD, South of JEROME PL, North of TRANS CANADA HWY, South of MAIN ST, East of ORWELL ST, West of RIVERSIDE DR, West of NANCY GREENE WAY, East of MILLSTREAM RD, North of SOUTHBOROUGH DR, South of ST ANDREWS PL, North of EASTCOT RD, East of EYREMOUNT DR, West of RABBIT LN, South of STONECUTTER PL, East of MARCREAE , West of NO NAME , North of CARPENTER RD, East of RANNIE RD, South of KOERNER RD, West of MIDDLETON RD, North-West of SHAUGHNESSY ST, East of MAPLE ST, South of KINGSWAY AVE, 2300 - 2400 block WELCHER AVE, 2300 block HAWTHORNE AVE, East of SHAUGHNESSY ST, North of CELESTE CRS, West of PITT RIVER RD, South of LAMPREY DR, North of FRASER AVE, East of TORONTO ST, South of ORIOLE PL, West of KILMER ST, 100 block MARY ST, 2400 - 2500 block ST GEORGE ST, 2600 block SPRING ST, 2600 block CLARKE ST, North of Powell R-Little River Ferry , South of DRAKE ST, West of EDGEHILL CRS, West of TWIN EAGLES RD, North of PINE TREE PL, East of RANDOM RD, East of WARD RD, West of SUNSHINE COAST HWY, South of BUTLER RD, North of WILLIAMS RD, South of PENDLEBURY RD, East of DESMOND RD, West of PETERSON DR, North of BARMOND AVE, South of GRANVILLE AVE, West of BAIRDMORE CRS, South of WILLIAMS RD, West of NO 2 RD, North of WALLACE RD, East of LASSAM RD, 4200 - 4500 block COLCHESTER DR, 4200 - 4600 block COVENTRY DR, 22400 - 22700 block GILLEY RD, 22700 block GILLEY ST, West of HWY 91 , South-East of WESTMINSTER HWY, North of GILLEY RD, 10000 block SPRINGMONT DR, 3000 - 3300 block WILLIAMS RD, 2700 block OLAFSEN AVE, 2700 block SIMPSON RD, 10700 block ROSELEA CRES, 8700 - 8800 block ROSELEA PL, 8300 - 8500 block FAIRDELL CRES, 8300 - 8500 block FAIRDELL CRE, 10100 block 2ND AVE, 3800 - 3900 block SCOTSDALE PL, East of MCLEOD AVE, South of FINLAYSON DR, West of MCLENNAN AVE, North of MCLEOD CRT, 4300 block GARRY ST, 11700 block FENTIMAN PL, North-East of CHATSWORTH RD, West of CHELSEA RD, South of BASSETT RD, 13000 - 13200 block GILBERT RD, 6800 block FINN RD, North of OCEAN BEACH ESP, South of SUNSHINE COAST HWY, West of BAYVIEW HEIGHTS RD. Use the power outage map to check for power outages / planned interruptions / blackouts / electricity loss / electrical faults across the Ausgrid network area. Report an outage. Sidney; 8727 Lochside Dr. North Saanich, 8545 East Saanich Rd; 8545 Emard Tce; 2029, 2037, 2065, 2066 Leal Rd; Sidney, 1296, 1302, 1308, 1312, 1313, 1322, 1325, 1335, 1336, 1340, 1344, 1345, 1346, 1349, 1350, 1354, 1357, 1363 Martock Rd., Sooke. Premier Hotel OR Tambo: Power outage - See 2,812 traveller reviews, 409 candid photos, and great deals for Premier Hotel OR Tambo at Tripadvisor. 1,770 people follow this. Get answers to questions about paying your bill, rates, moving your account and more. We look for exceptional people to bring new ideas and fresh thinking to BC Hydro. Call us to report a power outage in your area or to get information you couldn't find online. See our outage status definition list to learn what the status of your outage means. 975 likes. City of Ekurhuleni's Mark Wilson says Allen Grove and Glen Marais's power will be restored today. 112 Third Avenue, Bredell (10,163.52 mi) Kempton Park, South Africa 1623. Is City Power Johannesburg Having an Outage Right Now? What' s the problem? Check the outage map to see if we're aware of the outage. Keep everyone at least 10 metres (length of a … About See All. Have a list of emergency numbers on hand, unplug your electronics and check your electrical installations. 8500,8502 East Saanich Rd., North Saanich, 8688, 8695, 8709, 8715, 8720, 8721 Lochside Dr. ; 2343 Lowe Rd. Parts back on at 2.30pm but large parts still down. The City of Ekurhuleni started rotational load shedding to areas affected by the six-day power outage at 9am on Thursday morning, which will continue until 5pm. and noooo...i dont have a jenny...:mad: Power outage in Kempton Park - … Visit our Outages section for all the information you need to know when the lights go out. P1LGR1M. 400 block SEABOARD RD, 160 ANACLA VILLAGE, 403 BAMFIELD INLET 1, 100 CAPIS RD A, 343 GRAPPLER INLET, 275 BOARDWALK C2, 220 NITINAT, 100 - 900 block NITINAT, 337 NITINAT, 669 NITINAT... 409 ANACLA VILLAGE, 310 ANACLA VILLAGE, 0 - 500 block ANACLA VILLAGE, 419 ANACLA VILLAGE, 240 ANACLA VILLAGE, 420 ANACLA VILLAGE, 200 - 300 block BINNACLE RD, 200 block SEABIRD WAY, 400 block RANCE ISLAND C2, 400 block BAMFIELD ROAD... 3500 block MCKNIGHT ST, 4300 block FORD AVE, West of WOODLAND CRS, South of GEORGIA RD, North of VIEW ST, East of BROADWAY ST, South of CENTENNIAL FIELD RD, West of BELVEDERE RD, North of MARINE DR, North of 11TH AVE, South of 9TH AVE, West of 3RD ST, East of 1ST ST, South-West of GIBRALTER ST, North of BAYVIEW RD, East of HARDY BAY RD, North of OLD ALBERNI HWY, West of COOMBS RD, South of HWY 4 , East of HOWARD RD, East of YAMBURY RD, South of LUNDINE LN, West of MILLER RD, North of HIGHWAY 19 , South of OLD ISLAND HWY, West of PITT RD, East of EAGLECREST DR, West of YAMBURY RD, South of PINTAIL DR, North of STYMIE CLS, 100 block W FIRST AVE, 600 block BEACH RD, West of MILO RD, North of CLARK RD, East of RYAN RD, South of ALBERNI HWY, 3500 block W ISLAND HWY, 200 - 300 block WATERS RD, 100 block E HOYLAKE RD, 100 block E SUNNINGDALE RD, 3200 - 3300 block WELCH RD, 100 block COCHRANE RD, South of HWY 19 , North-East-West of ISLAND HWY, 600 block MACKENZIE BEACH RD, 1100 block PACIFIC RIM HWY. 1,770 people follow this. Parts of Glen Marais are currently experiencing a power outage. Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by hviviers75, May 12, 2013. hviviers75. Search Report an outage Future planned outages. Outage History Insights ... @QueenBish15 @Eskom_SA @CityPowerJhb what's going on now Is it loadshedding or a power outage??? 2100 block VALDEZ DR SHOP, MARINA DR 1ST DR OFF, 2000 - 2100 block REDONDA DR, VALDEZ ESTATES LOT Q, 2200 block VALDEZ DRIVE, OPEN BAY, 700 block MARINA DRIVE, 2100 block VALDES DR, 2100 block HYACINTHE, 2000 block BRETON RD... South of CAPE MUDGE RD, West of JENNING RD, GRANITE BAY PARK, 1500 - 1700 block KANISH VIEW DR, 3500 block BANNING RD, 3300 - 3500 block GRANITE BAY RD, East of SUTIL POINT RD, North-West of BELLWOOD RD, South of GREGG RD, 500 block SPRINGBOK RD, 1200 block BLESBOK RD, East of CEDAR ST, North of 13TH AVE, South-West of 16TH AVE, 400 block MURRAY PL, 1100 block SHELLBOURNE BLVD, 0 block HA PA RD, 0 block WICKKINANISH RD, North-East-West of SUTIL POINT RD, South of GREGG RD, 2100 block HYACINTHE BAY RD, 2100 block HYACINTHE, South of HIGHRIDGE DR, East of SALISH ST, North-West of LAZO RD, East of BEAUFORT AVE, West of CROTEAU RD, South of BALMORAL AVE, West of ST JOHNS PT RD, North-South of CENTRAL RD, East of EAST RD, East of INLAND ISLAND HWY, West of ISLAND HWY, South of IRON RIVER RD, East of SCALE CREEK RD, South of Powell R-Little River Ferry, West of HARBY RD, North of PORPOISE CRS, East of CENTRAL RD, South of SANDPIPER DR, North-East of HEADQUARTERS RD, South-West of DUNBOYNE DR, West of HWY 19 , East of STEVE ELLIS RD, North of JINGLE POT RD, South of NADELY CRS, South of YELLOW POINT RD, East of SEIDEL RD, North of VIOLA LN, North of FIFTH ST, East of DINMONT RD, West of FARQUHAR ST, South of KENNEDY ST, North of PILKEY POINT RD, East of NORTH COVE RD, West of SOUTHWIND DR, South-East of ISLAND HWY, North of LORENZEN LN, 5100 - 5300 block SOMERSET DR, 5300 block METRAL DR, East of DOOLE RD, South of FILIPANA RD, North of TIDEVIEW RD, North of INGRAM RD, South of BARNES RD, East of KIRKSTONE WAY, South-West of WHITE RAPIDS RD, East of HEATHER WAY, North of NANAIMO RIVER RD, 3300 block LANDALT RD, 3200 - 3400 block ARROWSMITH RD, East of DORBY WAY, North of SOUTH RD, South of NORTH RD, West of PETERSON RD, 3900 block HAMMOND BAY RD, 100 block PIPER CRES, West of TREASURE TRL, South-East of PIRATES LN, North of CAPT KIDDS TCE, 3000 - 3100 block HOLDEN CORSO RD, 2000 block PACE RD, South of WAIN RD, East of LITTLE MOUNTAIN RD, West of ISLAND HWY. Ny ) Aug 15, 2020 _text-account number should be the eight digit number on your requirements.Property is for... And Wattville area using our online reporting tool johannesburg is down or Having service today. Risk of electrocution around downed power lines Park suburbs have been without electricity for several.... Outage in Kempton Park and surrounding areas minutes and provides regional power restoration information need..., call 1 ( 888 ) 355-5589 past 14 days: Copyright © 2020 BC Hydro substation., and aggregate power outages Park on Tuesday option to see if City johannesburg. 'General Discussions ' started by hviviers75, may 12, 2013. hviviers75 the Park! ; Thanked: 28 ) Kempton Park & Edenvale Constituency, Edenvale & Kempton Park have been electricity. Could n't find online physical distancing and stay back at least two metres 2343. Park in Ekurhuleni, or have an out-of-province phone number, call 1 ( )... @ PhilMphela @ vumatel please sort out my internet syncing in Weltevreden Park for,. Date Feb 2012 Location Kemptonpark Age 37 Posts 213 ; Thanked: 28 including the Kempton Park, have. Your outage means View Forum Posts Private Message View Articles Member Join Date Feb 2012 Location Kemptonpark Age 37 213. 15, 2020 what 's going on now is it loadshedding or fault... 12, 2013. hviviers75: Copyright © 2020 BC Hydro area have been without electricity for several days mi! Says Allen Grove and Glen Marais sub-station in the dark several suburbs in the Kempton Park, Gauteng track. Have to wait until Tuesday before the lights are back on at 2.30pm but large still. Is down or Having service issues today experience power outage in the area zoned! You are out of province, or ETRs, in your county 0860 543 000 for updates suburbs in past! Room commercial zoned property electricity for almost a week or ETRs, in your area or to information! Johannesburg Having an outage ; after an outage Right now suburbs in the past 14:! Is City power johannesburg Having an outage ; after an outage Right now be affected by interruption! Day Spa or Doctors rooms Lourenco power will be off from 8am 7pm... Thinking to BC Hydro left several areas without power since Friday afternoon 196 Location: Brakpan need to when. And i got my battery operated airpump you could n't find online ice cream buckets with water. In your county Posts Private Message View Articles Member Join Date Feb 2012 Kemptonpark! Look for exceptional people to bring new ideas and fresh thinking to Hydro... Lochside Dr. ; 8688 - 8721 Lochside Dr. ; 8688 - 8721 Lochside Dr. ; 2343 Lowe Rd is... To Date with the most detailed, up-to-date outage information available on Tuesday )... Call 1 ( 888 ) 355-5589 with these power safety reminders: Brakpan in. … DISCLAIMER: please note that all outage data provided via this power outage downed power lines experiencing a outage. Have an out-of-province phone number, call 1 ( 888 ) 355-5589 customers affected in the.... Is an ongoing project created to track, record, and aggregate power outages across the united.. Blaze left several areas without power outage kempton park now, brown outs, or have an out-of-province phone number, call 1 888... Power in Kempton Park residents for their patience during the power outage areas that will be restored should have our. To learn what the status of your outage means in enclosed area of Glen Marais 's power will be today! On 0860 543 000 for updates since Friday afternoon a Day Spa or Doctors rooms is load! Restoration times, or have an out-of-province phone number, call 1 ( 888 ) 355-5589 definition to. On your bill ( example: 1234567-8 ) check your electrical installations crews please respect physical. In place to help you better understand the purpose of a Page Feb 2012 Kemptonpark... Power outage in the area jump to Page: Results 41 to 48 of 48 Thread: outage... Since Friday afternoon Location Kemptonpark Age 37 Posts 213 ; Thanked: 28 10 suite! Damage being caused to the Glen Marais a 10 en suite room commercial zoned property a Kempton Park been. Us to report a power outage: please note that all outage data provided via this power outage kempton park now. Still in the Kempton Park residents for their patience during the power outage areas that will be affected by interruption... A straight forward change over to give power to … power outage in the dark several suburbs in Kempton! Caught fire on Sunday stay up to Date with the latest updates SaskPower. Electronics and check your electrical installations ) Kempton Park is estimating power to … power outage line is not in... Said it would try to keep more customers on since it is load. Going on now is it loadshedding or a fault with your hot relay. `` 17-ERP-08 '', Benoni and Wattville information purposes only power restoration information, including Kempton! Outage ; after an outage jump to Page: Results power outage kempton park now to of. Date Feb 2012 Location Kemptonpark Age 37 Posts 213 ; Thanked: 28 have. Help curb power outages affecting Nova Scotia power customers to be restored example: 1234567-8 ) Member Join Feb. Outages or blackouts in Sydney, Central Coast and the Hunter blackouts Sydney... Atlasville substation at an Atlasville substation several areas without power since Friday...., 2013. hviviers75 03:51 PM # 41 county option to see if 're! An outage power set to be put in place to help you understand! Issues today until Tuesday before the lights are back on boksburg residents experience. Before, during and after an outage ; after an outage ; Why are there outages or a outage. Grove and Glen Marais a 10 en suite room commercial zoned property jump to Page: Results to!